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With the right marketing campaigns, nonprofits have the potential to reach new donors, increase end of the year fundraising efforts, and garner increased brand awareness around their cause. However, many nonprofit employees wear multiple hats and constantly juggle events, objectives, and marketing outreach all at once.

The solution? Email marketing integrations.

Nonprofit email marketing is a valuable tool to help stay engaged with key supporters, increase volunteer participation, and earn generous gifts from donors. All of which are crucial components of meeting your yearly goals—or missing them completely.

No pressure, right?

If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry—Campaign Monitor’s integrations are here to help! Campaign Monitor provides a full suite of comprehensive integrations for nonprofits to increase productivity and engagement. With integrations, nonprofits have the ability to set-it and forget-it and dedicate more time to focus on their mission.

In this post, let’s take a look at why nonprofit email marketing is beneficial and how Campaign Monitor integrations can make your life easier.

Why are email marketing integrations important for nonprofits?

Time is of the essence with nonprofit marketing—which is also something you or your team might not have a lot of. With email marketing integrations, you’re able to better connect with your audience consistently without having to manually press send every time. Email marketing also has a proven track record of increasing engagement and ROI at 122%—four times higher than any other digital marketing channel.

Once you develop a thoughtful email campaign to promote your nonprofit’s message and invest in the right integrations, you have the possibility to:

  • Reach fundraising goals and drive donations
  • Develop a loyal donor audience
  • Expand your reach through social media and shares
  • Build credibility and trust with subscribers
  • Educate new subscribers about your cause

Even more, email marketing offers ease of use that won’t break your nonprofit’s budget when trying to develop wins for your cause.  Let’s take a look at the best integrations for nonprofits that Campaign Monitor offers.

Campaign Monitor integrations for nonprofits

Determining which email platform to use for your nonprofit can be cumbersome when you need to invest in a tool that fits your needs and budget.

First, you want to choose a provider that believes in your message and values. Are they available for support? Can they help when you’re short on staff? Second, invest in a tool that’s user-friendly all while providing results.

You can feel rest assured that Campaign Monitor provides the tools and support you need to help your nonprofit succeed—which includes email marketing integrations.

With a nonprofit business, you may need to connect your CRM, website, or other marketing platforms to integrate with your email marketing strategy. We know that every nonprofit is unique, so we provide different integrations to fit your individual needs that help drive donations and plan your fundraising efforts.

What integrations does Campaign Monitor offer? We’re happy you asked! Let’s take a look at some of the integrations you can utilize for your nonprofit email marketing campaigns.


For faith-based organizations and nonprofits, Qgiv has a full suite of capabilities like event registrations, list segmentation, and the automatic export of registrant names and emails. Ideal for auctions and event management, Qgiv helps alleviate the stress for both the nonprofit and supporters through an app-based experience.


Salesforce is a powerful CRM software and when combined with Campaign Monitor, you have the ability to send targeted emails to your contacts that drive lead generation and donations. Within Salesforce, you can view campaign metrics, map email fields, and automatically add subscribers into segmented lists. These capabilities will give you a complete view of your customers to deliver targeted campaigns that drive results.

Salesforce for Campaign Monitor Analytics Integration

Source: Campaign Monitor


Through the power of Zapier, you can integrate Eventbrite to manage and communicate donor events to your subscribers. With Eventbrite, subscribers are added and unsubscribed automatically from your email lists if they opt-in or out of an event to help keep your database clean. You also have the ability to create custom plain-text emails or SMS messages when a new subscriber is added.

Snowball Fundraising

If you’re looking for a way to let your email subscribers simply donate to your nonprofit from email, Snowball Fundraising is an integration that works directly with Campaign Monitor. Either on a mobile device or desktop, customers can immediately act on your donation request without having to enter any personal information. With Snowball Fundraising, you can increase transactions and drive real results to your mission.

Snowball Fundraising is compatible with email, text, and landing pages

Source: Snowball Fundraising 


When staying in touch with donors and trying to grow your nonprofit, it can difficult to keep track of digital campaigns and nurture loyalty with clients. By using InviteBox, nonprofits can build a comprehensive referral program, track activity and rewards, and share content across social networks. InviteBox offers nonprofits a clear look at how engaged donors are in order to further build relationships to increase overall donations.

Fido Data Retriever

Compatible with the Microsoft SQL Server and My SQL, Fido Data Retriever makes it easy for you to download campaign data—opens, clicks, bounce rates, etc.—and download it into your preferred database. Fido Data Retriever only downloads data since your last retrieval, which helps save you time and space on your own server.

How to get the most out of your email campaigns

Now that you know why email marketing is important for your nonprofit, let’s look into how to get the most out of your efforts.

Increase your donor base.

The first step in creating an impactful nonprofit email campaign is growing your subscriber list full of supporters who are invested in your cause. There are a few different ways you can collect subscribers through sign-up forms:

  • Website footer, ‘about us’ page, or pop-up ads
  • Social media platforms
  • Events
  • Partnership opportunities

The most important aspect of building your email list is not only collecting quality subscribers but also staying compliant. To do this correctly, you must have explicit permission from your subscribers that follow GDPR guidelines. You can even consider a double-opt-in strategy or develop a preference center to ensure each donor is receiving the content they want.

Create compelling messages.

When you start to establish your digital donor base, you need to develop impactful content that results in an emotional response from your supporters. This emotional response will be personal, so your emails should be personalized as well. In fact, personalization increases conversions by 20%.

How can nonprofits leverage this data? Use their first name, call out the volunteer opportunities based on their location, and even discuss past donation history as a way to increase fundraising efforts. 

Overall—spark their passion.

MS Society volunteer email

Source: Really Good Emails

Email design can also play a critical role in the organization’s brand reputation as imagery and style can help communicate emotions and values. Consider the following when creating your emails:

  • Use clear templates that are user-friendly and uncluttered
  • Write a compelling subject line and headline
  • Organize your benefits with bullet points and subheadings
  • Design a bold call-to-action that directs your subscribers to donate

Monitor your performance for improvements.

When using a nonprofit email marketing strategy, it’s important to take advantage of the robust metrics that many email service providers offer. Tracking your metrics not only tells you how your campaigns are running and which subscribers are engaged but also the areas where you can improve. For example, did an urgent donation subject line perform better than passive copy? Was the call-to-action clicked in a volunteer email? This data is crucial when developing future campaigns.

Here are a few metrics that you need to be tracking:

  • Open rate: The number of times your supporters opened your email. Typically at 15%, this will give you insight into how well your subject line is performing.
  • Click-through rate: The number of times your call-to-action was clicked back to your website. This will let you know how effective your content and design are.
  • Conversion rate: The number of times you call to action was followed up on with donations, event registrations, etc. If this number is low, your website might not be delivering.
  • Donation tracking: The number of subscribers who have turned into donors will tell you the value of your email campaigns.

Wrap up

If you’re looking to increase and streamline your nonprofit efforts, utilizing Campaign Monitor’s email marketing tools is a great way to increase engagement and drive donations. Not only will you have the capabilities to design your own email, but you can create highly relevant and personalized communications that are delivered at the right time to the right donor.

With Campaign Monitor’s email marketing integrations, you have the ability to drive more donations, referrals, and successful fundraising events. Additional nonprofit integrations include:

Ready to kick your nonprofit email marketing strategy up a notch? Try a free demo with Campaign Monitor to learn how the platform and full-suite of integrations can benefit your cause.

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