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Accepting donations online is a no-brainer for nonprofits and their donors. Giving online is easy for donors, as they can contribute anytime they find convenient, instead of relying on an ask through direct mail or at an event.

Online giving makes raising funds for a nonprofit simpler and more consistent. It’s getting more popular, as well. According to The Blackbaud Index, nonprofits saw a 10.4% increase in online giving from 2016 to 2017.

Today’s nonprofits need to ensure they can accept online donations, as well as find clever and creative ways to drive online giving. We partnered with Rob Wu, CEO and Co-founder of CauseVox to assemble 12 proven ways that your nonprofit can bring in more online donations.

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Wrap up

Email marketing can help to generate funds and keep in touch with your donors. Use email to send invitations to upcoming events, update subscribers on the health of your organization, and share how funds are used. Use these 12 tips to get more from your online fundraising this year. Check out Campaign Monitor for Nonprofits – you save 15% everyday. 







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