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Most of us know emails have an incredible return on investment, but that’s only true if subscribers are reading what you send. How do you encourage readers to open your messages? By creating urgency with emails.

When you express urgency in an email, subscribers are more likely to open your emails and click through to your site.

In this episode of The Email Minute, Shane shares how you can make your emails more urgent using just three simple steps.


Do your emails get high open rates?

By creating urgency in your emails, subscribers are more likely to convert, meaning more engagement and revenue for your business.

Hi, I’m Shane Phair, Chief Marketing Officer here at Campaign Monitor, and this is The Email Minute.

Today we’ll discuss how you can create urgency with your emails.

First, set a deadline.

Set a deadline to increase fear of missing out - How FOMO can help with last chance emails

As customers, there are two things that we hate: paying full price and missing out on deals.

By creating a “1-Day Only” sale or a limited-time offer, you set a deadline, encouraging shoppers to make purchases right now.

Once you’ve set a deadline, use specific language to get your point across.

Use specific language to create urgency in emails

Urgent phrases like:

“Hurry,” “Act now,” “Instant savings,” “Limited number available,” and “Don’t miss this!” are great additions to your subject lines. And 35% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

Finally, complete your email with a call-to-action that will make subscribers want to buy.

Urgency words: Create an active CTA to create urgency in the inbox

An effective call-to-action is your email’s last chance to convert. Don’t know what to write? Try pairing an active word, like, “Discover,” with an urgent word like, “Now.”

Want people to open your emails in a hurry? Start following these steps today.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next Email Minute when we talk about customer feedback via email.

Have a question you’d like covered on The Email Minute?

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