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We all want to know more about our customers. With customer feedback, you gain access to valuable data, as well as the opportunity to help loyal patrons. But how can you encourage customers to respond to you? 

In this episode of The Email Minute, Shane explains how to get customer feedback via email, so you can learn about your customers and continue to improve their experiences.


What are your customers saying about you? If you don’t know the answer, it may be time to ask.

Hi, I’m Shane Phair, Chief Marketing Officer here at Campaign Monitor, and this is The Email Minute.

Today you’ll learn how to get customer feedback via email.

To get feedback successfully, first make sure your email has a clear, easy-to-read design.

Unlike other types of email campaigns, customer feedback emails should use minimal design, simple copy, and a clear CTA. This makes your message quick with an obvious goal.

This graphic lists feedback methods when trying to get customer feedback via email: survey, interactive email, phone, and direct response.

Phrases like, “How was your recent order?” are perfect ways to engage with readers.

But don’t stop there.

Your message should also tell people why you want feedback.

Looking to improve your site? Want to design a loyalty program? Tell your customers.

This graphic explains one of the key parts of asking for feedback from clients: tell people why you want their feedback.

Simply explaining why you want feedback could make the difference between a subscriber responding and a subscriber ignoring your email.

Finally, pick a feedback method that’s right for your business.

You might provide a link to a short survey. You could also send an interactive email, with a rating system directly inside the message.

On the other hand, you may offer phone consultations or encourage users to respond by simply replying to your email.

The graphic simply explains what the article is saying: You want to get customer feedback via email. You can ask for feedback through a customer satisfaction survey email, interactive email, phone, or direct response.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s easy for your customers to get in touch.

On the next Email Minute, we’ll discuss subject line formulas for your emails.

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