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For businesses who sell products online, your richest customer data lives in your e-commerce platform. It’s home to not only transactional data like a customer’s spend amount and order date, but other rich insights like their address, lifetime value, and even birthday.

Millions of companies worldwide turn to Magento’s e-commerce platform to run their online stores, and millions of marketers within those companies turn to Campaign Monitor to power their email marketing campaigns. But in the past, getting customer data from Magento into Campaign Monitor (and vice versa) was a manual, time-consuming process. We’ve changed all that with our new integration.

Campaign Monitor now integrates with Magento

We’re excited to announce a new integration between Campaign Monitor and Magento that enables you to automatically sync customer data. Using this data from Magento, you can send highly-targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns to your customers.

Pre-packaged segments allow you to target easily

To make targeting super simple, we’ve also added pre-packaged segments based on the most actionable audiences in Magento – such as big spenders, loyal customers, and first-time customers – so sending personalized email marketing campaigns is simple and easy right out-of-the-box.

pre-packged segments


Read on for our top suggestions to help you make the most of this exciting integration.

6 email campaigns to send using Magento data

1. Send new customers a welcome offer

Add an email newsletter subscribe form to your online store and new sign ups will automatically be added your Campaign Monitor list. Welcome your new subscribers with a unique promo code or offer that will get them spending money with your company right away, as Sephora does.


2. Target your VIP customers

You value all of your customers, but it’s important to reward your top customers with exclusive offers that keep them coming back. With a pre-packaged VIP segment already populated for you in Campaign Monitor, VIPs are identified by how frequently they have ordered and the total amount they’ve spent. For example, Converse offers an exclusive promotion that will not only make their top customers feel special but ensure they keep coming back for more.

converse email


3. Announce new products in a targeted way

Let your customers know about new products or services you’re launching in a hyper-targeted way that will lead them back to your website to purchase more. For example, you could use gender segments to target your female audience with female-relevant content and your male audience with male-relevant content.  


4. Re-engage customers who haven’t purchased

There are various ways to use your Magento data to bring back customers. You can incentivize email subscribers who haven’t purchased in a while with an email-exclusive offer. You can also reward repeat purchases with a “Save on your next order” discount or abandoned cart deal.


5. Celebrate an important date

If you collect birth date information as part of your customers’ purchase process, use that information to make them feel great on their special day as Morgan Jewelers does with a special birthstone offer. Or, celebrate your customer’s one-year anniversary with your brand. Both options create a great opportunity to offer a special promotion that will drive revenue back to your business.


6. Send a wish list reminder

Magento’s wish list feature enables you to see which products your customers have hand-chosen as favorites. Utilize Campaign Monitor’s pre-built wish list segment to send these customers a reminder email about what’s on their wish list – and encourage them to buy.

Wrap up

Using the combined power of Magento and Campaign Monitor, you can supercharge your email campaigns to drive engagement, interaction, and revenue for your business. Get started using Magento and Campaign Monitor today!

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