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Meet Campaign Monitor transactional email

Transactional emails are system-triggered emails sent to a user by a company’s app or website based on that specific user’s activity. As consumers, we interact with these emails on a near-daily basis: password resets, order confirmations, login details, shipping notifications, flight confirmations, cart abandonment alerts, and more.

Most transactional emails lack the branding and marketing polish that other customer-facing communications have. This creates an inconsistent brand experience for your prospects and customers. With Campaign Monitor’s simple and elegant email marketing software for business, building a beautiful, branded transactional email has never been easier.

Two types of transactional emails

The two types of transactional emails in Campaign Monitor include:

Smart transactional – For smart transactional emails, you can use our email builder to create an on-brand email from scratch, use one of your own pre-existing templates for your transactional emails, or import an HTML email directly into Campaign Monitor. With smart transactional email, the content lives with us, and you (or your developer) set up the API trigger for it to send on demand. If any changes to the email are required, you can easily make them yourself and have the new version start sending immediately, without having to re-deploy code. Learn more about smart transactional email.

Classic transactional – With classic transactional, the emails are created and hosted by your business. By using our SMTP server or API to trigger them to send, opens and clicks are tracked by us, giving you robust reporting once they’re assigned to an email group. With the delivery log, you also get added visibility, to help you track recent communication with your customers or users. Metadata for classic transactional email is kept forever while content is stored for 30 days. Learn more about sending classic transactional email via API and SMTP.

When building our transactional email service, we wanted to make sure that marketers could:

  • Manage the branding and design with our drag-and-drop email builder
  • Optimize these emails for every inbox or device
  • Get complete visibility into how these emails are performing with real-time reporting

How to get started

For more information, check out the features page and our new Transactional Email Guide for Marketers for best practices and how to get started.

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