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Celebrating the Contributions of Women at Campaign Monitor

With International Women’s Day being celebrated globally this weekend, we thought that we’d shine the…

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How to Use Email to Get Customer Feedback and Grow Your Business

When I first started at Campaign Monitor, I reached out to a number of our…

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Lessons Learned from Sending Localized Email Marketing Campaigns

To become fluent in how your customers’ want to communicate with your brand, take a…

Blog Post

Campaign Monitor Opens a New Office in San Francisco – and We’re Hiring!

It’s official – we’ve moved into San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, as we continue to strive…

Blog Post

How to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rate Using Storytelling

It used to be so easy to get the attention of your target customers. You’d…

Blog Post

4 Event Invite Emails You Can Learn From

In this post, we give you tips to optimize your next event invite email to…

Blog Post

Introducing Dynamic Content in the email builder

We’ve added dynamic content to our email builder. Create more relevant emails by using what…

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The 7 Types of Images That Can Help Improve Your Email Click-Through Rate

Looking for images to create emotion, or summarize ideas in your email campaigns? We look…

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How to Create a Killer Value Proposition for Your next Email Campaign

Imagine you’ve just released an amazing new product that is going to make your customer’s…

Blog Post

How We Use Progressive Enhancement to Improve Our Email Templates

In this post, the team behind the email templates in our builder explain how we…

Blog Post

The Evolution of Our Own Email Marketing Strategy

A few months ago, Campaign Monitor hit a milestone. We turned 10 years old. We shared…

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