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Email Deployment

An email deployment is the sending out of an email campaign to an email list through an email deployment platform or program.

Email delivery (or email deployment) and deliverability can be complicated and may, at times, seem part science and part magic. We can start demystifying these concepts first by defining them:

Email delivery is when an email is successfully delivered to the receiving server.

Email deliverability is when an email successfully arrives in the person’s inbox.

It’s possible to have good email delivery but poor deliverability, because the email landed in a person’s spam folder rather than their inbox.

Email Service Providers (ESPs) will be provided some information why a message was rejected (bounced), based on the details the receiving server sends back in the error message.

We can then accurately measure delivery rates to know how many emails are accepted and how many bounce. Examples of bounced emails include a temporary delivery error (soft bounce) because the server is unavailable, or a permanent error (hard bounce) because the email address is no longer valid.

Delivery, however, is only the first part of the email’s journey to successfully arriving in the inbox. Campaign Monitor has an overall delivery rate of 99%. Although we are unable to know what percentage of emails arrive in the inbox vs. the spam folder, we can make inferences by analyzing some key metrics for our emails.


An email deployment is the sending out of the email campaign to a pre-determined email list through an email deployment platform or program, like Campaign Monitor. Once an email is written, designed, and approved, it is ready for deployment. While most people have smartphones today, some still prefer to receive plain text message emails as opposed to HTML, as a result, it is important to have both types prepared and tested prior to deployment.

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