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Email Integrations

Email integrations are the tying together of systems, tools, and software for seamless processes around email marketing. They are what allow marketers to unite their email service provider with systems like their CRM or point-of-sale system for even more personalized, relevant, and efficient messages. 

For instance, the Campaign Monitor for WordPress integration will automatically input the sign ups from your blog directly into Campaign Monitor, saving you the effort and time it would take you to check and input contact information manually. You can also take that data and create a specific segment, since you already know these subscribers engage with your blog. 

In fact, the beauty of integrations is that they allow you to spend less time combing through contacts and yet you will know and understand your audience better, leading to more engagement and better results for your email marketing strategy.

You can also find integrations that bring design elements into your emails to create more compelling messages and improve your email open rate and click-through rate.

Campaign Monitor has literally hundreds of integrations for you to choose from. Within our collections, you can find industry specific integrations like Raiser’s Edge for nonprofits or OptInMonster for email marketers just getting started.


Say you own an eCommerce store run through the Shopify platform, you integrate your email marketing software with Shopify. In doing this, you can now send an automated, personalized thank you email each time a customer makes a purchase telling the shopper all of the important details he or she needs to know about shipping dates, delivery times, and any other important FAQs.

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