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Email Blast (eblast)

Mass emails (or email blasts) is the strategy of sending a single email to a large distribution list simultaneously. There’s little strategy involved—no personalization or segmented lists—so, often, the email falls on deaf ears and is ineffective.

Before email best practices and legal regulations, many marketers followed this strategy with the idea that the more inboxes they could reach, the more likely they would be to accomplish their goals. However, with new email best practices in place, we now understand that increased engagement actually comes from sending to a smaller (but genuinely interested audience), rather than bombarding people’s inboxes with offerings (whether they asked to receive emails from you or not).

Aside from best practices, there are now also regulations in place that prevent marketers from sending batch and blast emails to a list of subscribers who may or may not have actually opted in to receive communications. Ultimately, sending mass emails can land you in the spam folder, resulting in a poor sending reputation and distrust from your audience. 

That is not to warn you away from sending to a large list of subscribers, as long as you’re also segmenting your list and sending targeted, relevant messages to those subscribers. And on the occasions that you did send an email blast, that email should follow the CAN-SPAM Act, include an unsubscribe link, and accurately identify the person or business that is deploying the email.

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