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Personalization is when marketers use subscriber data within their email content to make the content feel tailor-made for the individual. It is proven to increase open rates and drive revenue by as much as 760% because it helps marketers give subscribers more relevant, individualized content. By gathering subscriber data (like a first name) and segmenting subscribers into more detailed lists, marketers are using this tactic to step away from mass messaging and to instead make their subscribers feel like VIPs.

Imagine this: you have the ability to reach each and every one of your subscribers as though they’re someone you know, like a trusted friend. You call your subscribers by name, provide them with messages they adore, and deliver content that’s perfectly tailored to their needs. As a result, your subscribers look forward to receiving emails from your brand.

Listed below are 6 ways to use personalization in your next email campaign: 

  1. Personalize your copy: Subscribers want you to give them a personal shout out, and like hearing their own name. That’s why emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. 
  2. Personalize your imagery: Another awesome way to increase your click-through rates is to personalize your images. You can personalize images based on different data and customer profiles.
  3. Personalize your offers: You can enjoy the increase in click-through rates and conversions by personalizing your offers. Savvy marketers will use data to create customer profiles and then create different content offers for different types of subscribers. 
  4. Personalize your product recommendations: With the help of an email service provider, you can integrate a customer’s recent purchases or browsing history into your email marketing. Marketers can use data on customer behavior to create more relevant email campaigns. When relevancy increases, cross-selling and up-selling becomes more viable. 
  5. Personalize cart abandonment emails: $4 trillion of revenue is lost each year through cart abandonment. However, 65% of abandoned carts can be recaptured within 24 hours, and emails sent within 60 minutes of cart abandonment have a 40% open rate. 

Personalize based on behavior: Email marketers can compile data from social properties, back-end system, and email service provider to send more relevant offers. These highly targeted segments are based on customer interest, behavior, and engagement with their marketing properties. Once lists are segmented, marketers can trigger automated customer journeys with personal offers.


By adding a subscriber’s first name to the subject line of their emails, Topshop leverages personalization to make their email marketing feel more customized to the individual.

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