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Email Service Provider (ESP)

What is an email service provider (ESP)?

An email service provider (ESP) is a service that enables marketers to send email marketing campaigns to a list of users (subscribers). Subscribers join these lists by opting in to receive marketing messages. Learn how you can begin using an ESP by reading our “Getting Started” guide.

Why should you use an Email Service Provider?

The right ESP can be a healthy, low-cost investment for your business, since it allows you to have consistent, 1:1 communication with subscribers. In other words, you can use an ESP to automatically email customers, prospective clients, and site visitors. This communication encourages traffic to your site, as well as brand loyalty.

What are some ESP examples?

There are several ESPs, and they all offer different options. You can visit our comparison pages to explore various email provider services and how they can work for you.

Why use Campaign Monitor?

Campaign Monitor is an ESP that serves small businesses, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, agencies, and more. As an ESP that provides both a self-serve model and an enterprise model, Campaign Monitor’s services include a number of email marketing features. You can create and build email subscriber lists, customize email templates with brand colors, send automated emails, verify links, explore campaign analytics, test for compatibility with email inboxes, and much more

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