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Australia Email Marketing Statistics and Benchmarks (2021): By Day and Industry

Benchmarks from billions of emails sent by Australian organisations in 2020.


Media and Publisher Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2021

Average email performance analysis for the media and publishing industry.


Ultimate Email Marketing Benchmarks for 2021: By Industry and Day

We analyzed over 100 billion emails sent from across the globe in 2020. Here are...


Getting Started with Customer Journeys

Learn what marketing automation is and see the 5 automated emails you can start sending...


Getting Started with Campaign Monitor’s Top Integrations

Elevate your email strategy with these integrations.


Collaborate with Tags in Campaign Monitor

Stay organized and efficient with campaign tags.


Email Marketing Benchmarks: COVID-19 Edition

Take a look at how COVID-19 has changed email performance.


How to Code HTML Emails for Any Device

Get coding tips to create professional, beautiful emails that look great on every device.


Complete Guide to Selling Email Marketing

Position, pitch, and sell email marketing at your.


Introduction to Email Insights and Reporting

Insights can help anyone build better campaigns with higher success rates.


How to Pick the Perfect Email Service Provider and Marketing Platform

Learn how to pick the best email service provider for your growing business.

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