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Email List Building in the New Era of Email Marketing


The Data-Backed Guide to Nonprofit Marketing

A research study on donor communication and what actually works.


Creating Responsive Email Design: Email Coding and Optimization Techniques

Fundamentals of designing a mobile-friendly and responsive email.


Millennials vs. Gen Z: Debunking Generational Marketing Myths

Consumer desires are shifting. Stay ahead of the marketing trends that Millennials and Gen Z...


The Comprehensive Guide to Elevate Your Email Engagement

See how actual consumers view relevant and irrelevant content, with findings to improve your email...


Drive Urgency with Countdown Timer in Your Email

Drive urgency—and increase conversions—in your emails with Countdown Timer, a new feature from Campaign Monitor.


Voice Technology Trends in Marketing: Everything Digital Marketers Need to Know

You've heard voice tech will be the next big disruptor, but here's what you need...


Sending a Reconfirmation Email Campaign in the GDPR Era

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the permission-focused best practices that you can use...


The Power of Email Personalization to Reach Humans (Not Just Inboxes)

Personalize your email marketing campaigns to deliver the most relevant and engaging content.


Small Business Marketing: Trends to refine your marketing efforts

Learn how 1,000 small businesses we surveyed get the most from their marketing.


Why You Need Alt Text in Your Emails

Get actionable tips for using alt text in your email campaigns.

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