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Regular engagement is key to consistently high inbox placement.

That means you should only send to people who opt-in and provide enticing content to stay out of the junk folder.

Follow these steps to make sure your emails reach the inbox.

This Campaign Monitor infographic will tell you everything you need to know about how to avoid the junk folder when sending emails.

Choose an ESP with proven deliverability.

Only 21% of opt-in messages make it to the inbox.

Trust the data, research, and infrastructure of deliverability experts to ensure high deliverability.

Segment your list.

Marketers have noticed a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns.

Remember: engagement is key to inbox placement, and segmentation keeps your audience interested.


74% of marketers say targeted personalization increases engagement.

Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.


When compared to standard promotional emails, automated emails get:

  • 86% higher open rates
  • a 196% increase in click-through rates
  • 320% more revenue

Send only quality content.

Emails should be mobile-ready since that’s where 55% of emails will be read.

Irrelevant content is why 21% of users say they unsubscribe.

Getting marked as spam once per every 5,000 recipients can get you suspended from many ESPs.

Review your subscriber list.

Avoid recycled spamtraps: these are addresses used to identify users sending unwanted email to old addresses.

Target active subscribers to increase engagement and earn higher inbox placement overall.

Reduce the likelihood of bounces and spam complaints by sending only high-quality content.

Include a preference center.

26% people cite too many emails as why they unsubscribe.

Allow users to choose exactly how many emails they get each day, week, or month.

Wrap up

Even the best emails won’t drive revenue if they don’t make it to the inbox.

To ensure you send high-quality emails:

  • Only send highly relevant content.
  • Allow your subscribers to opt out.
  • Segment your list to send personalized content.

Follow these tips and your subscribers will be sure to look forward to your sends every time.

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