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Every digital marketer knows that a successful email marketing campaign requires many different facets to be successful. Success isn’t just a mastery of deliverability, CTA copy, or email design, but the implementation of all of three together.

The same could be said for the email marketing team. Each member has an important job to perform, and the entire project could fall apart if a single person is removed.

This is especially true for email marketing coordinators, whose role in a campaign cannot be overstated. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the email marketing coordinator and their function within a marketing campaign.

What is an email marketing coordinator?

In the world of email marketing, the email marketing coordinator is essentially the manager. He or she will see the email campaign from its earliest stages all the way to the finished product.

During this time, email marketing coordinators will take on a multitude of ever-changing tasks, which include scheduling emails, sending emails, and recording the results.

They may also oversee the rest of the email marketing team and make sure everyone is on the same page, working toward the same goal.

So, when you see the finished product, many different people put work into it, but it was the email marketing coordinator who supervised and oversaw its production.

What Does an Email Marketing Coordinator Do?

Source: Really Good Emails

How to measure the efficiency of an email marketing coordinator

Since so much of what an email marketing coordinator does is based on organization and leadership, measuring the efficiency of an email marketing coordinator is a comprehensive task.

In the same way that a head coach is ultimately responsible for a win or a loss, email marketing coordinators must take ownership and responsibility over an email campaign’s success or lack thereof.

Therefore, to get the best sense of an email marketing coordinator’s success, these are the metrics you’ll want to consider.

Open rates explained

The first sign of a successful email marketing coordinator is a strong open rate. Open rates tell you how many times your emails are being opened by subscribers.

Essentially, every other part of your email marketing campaign means nothing if you can’t get subscribers in the door, so open rates will be the earliest indicator of a strong or weak email marketing coordinator.

Low open rates will also provide an opportunity to see how well an email marketing coordinator can pivot in a new direction. Being quick on your feet can mean the difference between success and failure.

Placing the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase open rates by 14.68%.

ROI explained

ROI (return on investment) is the most significant metric. It factors in how much you’re spending on your email campaign and how much revenue you’re receiving in return, and there’s no point in email marketing if you’re spending more than you’re making.

Considering this is the most comprehensive metric, it makes sense that it’s a great one to measure the success of an email marketing coordinator.

To calculate your ROI, simply subtract your total gain by your total expenditure, then divide that number by your total expenditure. Move the decimal point two spaces to the right and you’ll have your ROI percentage.

Does an email marketing coordinator really matter?

While every member of an email marketing campaign matters, the email marketing coordinator is the head of the body. Without the head, the body cannot function.

You need someone in that overseeing position to ensure that your campaign has a singular vision and everyone is working toward that same vision.

It’s also vital that the email marketing coordinator has years of experience in email marketing because he or she needs to be able to communicate effectively on every aspect of an email campaign. Being an expert in deliverability alone isn’t enough to lead an entire team.

What now?

Now that you’re familiar with the function of the email marketing coordinator position, you may be wondering how to find such a job as well as what you can expect to earn as an email marketing coordinator.

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