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RSS to Email

Automatically send a campaign to your subscribers whenever you update your site or blog. Use our elegant reports to see what your readers are interested in and watch them interact with your content in real-time.

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A/B Testing

Our automatic A/B testing feature makes it easy to test different subject lines, sender details and even totally different email designs. Tell us what to test, how you want us to pick the winner and we'll do the rest.

The best part is, it takes a few clicks to set up and you learn something about your audience every time you do it.

Social Sharing

Our social sharing feature makes it easy for your subscribers to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. With a single click you can add a "Like" or "Tweet" button to your campaign and it's ready to be shared.

We'll show you a detailed report on which subscribers shared your campaigns, and even what they said about you when they did it.


Autoresponders make it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers without lifting a finger. Quickly build and schedule automated welcome messages, birthday greetings and other date-based campaigns. Send single emails or a sequence over time.

  1. When a subscriber joins your list
  2. The anniversary of a custom field
  3. An exact date
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Keep it Relevant

To get the best results in email marketing, it's important to send relevant stuff to the right people at the right time. Our segmentation and personalization tools make it easy to focus your efforts where they count most.

  1. Segmentation

    Target subscribers using data you have about them, location, or past campaign activity like whether they opened an email.

  2. Triggered messaging

    Automatically email people when they meet criteria you set, like a recent purchase or their membership expiring.

  3. Personalized content

    Send custom content to every subscriber by personalizing it with whatever information they have shared with you.

  4. Webhooks

    Automatically sync subscriber activity with your own records as they happen with our subscriber webhooks.

Inbox Preview

Send free tests to any address you like, or for just $5 see your email as it appears in over 20 different email clients like Lotus Notes,, AOL and Outlook! We'll also run your campaign through popular spam filters at the desktop, server and firewall levels.

  1. Over 20 email clients
  2. See your email with images blocked
  3. View browser variations
  4. Ensure you pass spam filters before you send

Spam Testing

Getting your email delivered isn't just about choosing a great email service provider. Your content might be triggering filters and not being read. Instead of just scanning your content for "spammy words", we’ll pass your email through real spam filters and firewalls and tell you which ones it passes, and which failed.


Free Archives

Every time you send an email, we archive a copy of it – so you’ll always have a full and up-to-date history of what you’ve sent. We also provide you with a single line of code, that when added to your site will display an up-to-date list of every email you’ve sent.

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