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What is Owned Media?

Owned media is any online property owned and controlled by a brand, such as a blog, website or social media channels. The more owned media channels a business has, the larger their digital footprint, which means more potential reach to customers and followers.

Examples of owned media you control would be

But before you dive head first into created owned media content or channels for your brand, there are pitfalls to consider.

First, you really only own that which you publish. This means you’re always safe publishing owned media on your site—that’s truly where it’s owned. By publishing anything on Facebook, Youtube, or any other platform, you subject yourself to algorithms and AI that may or may not show your content. You should always think about your goal before publishing on another entity’s site.

There’s also an opposite to owned media: earned media. This is media coverage picked up by the press, often known as PR or generally as press. While you can’t control what the press says about your company or brand (thus excluding it from owned media), this type of coverage can be even more impactful, giving you brand exposure to those outside your own audience.

On a final note, think about how one drives the other. The more owned media you publish on your site, the more you can hope to get republished by others. This, in turn, may put your brand in front of someone in the press, and perhaps even to coverage by their publication. So start with what you can control, and make sure you’re doing everything you can to elevate your owned media.

Need help with creation for your media and content marketing? Here are some resources:


Campaign Monitor created a video hub to provide demos and training, housing it on their site, so they could showcase and elevate their owned media.

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