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In today’s tech-forward environment, most businesses use a variety of software tools—CRMs, analytics platforms, websites, landing pages—to capture customer data and automate their marketing and sales activities. And the true power of any of these services is unlocked only when integrated with your email marketing platform.

Campaign Monitor's top integration apps

Integrating with your email marketing software can help you segment subscriber lists, trigger automated emails, or even dynamically update the content of your newsletters to suit the preference of each subscriber. All of which can increase the success of your marketing efforts and drive revenue for your business.

Campaign Monitor integrates with hundreds of tools and apps so you can customize your email marketing program to fit your specific needs. Not sure where to start? We’re rounding up our top integrations in this guide, and we’ll show you how to use each integration to elevate your email marketing program.

Chapter 1


Category: Price: Key benefit:
CRM Starting from USD $8/month* Save time by combining the features of Campaign Monitor with your Salesforce data to deliver personalized content to your pipeline.
*CM4SF is free the first 14 days, with subscriptions starting at USD $8/month thereafter. The subscription is charged based on the total number of active subscribers in Campaign Monitor. This price is separate to the platforms costs of Campaign Monitor and Salesforce subscriptions. Read more about the integration here.


Campaign Monitor for Salesforce dashboard mockup


Campaign Monitor for Salesforce (CM4SF) is the top-ranked email marketing app for Salesforce, thanks to its easy setup and comprehensive set of features. CM4SF allows you to sync your contact and campaign data as well as send and measure the success of email campaigns—all from within the Salesforce app. By combining the features of Campaign Monitor with your Salesforce customer data,  you can send personalized and targeted campaigns.


This integration is developed and supported by Beaufort 12, longstanding Salesforce integration specialists. You can learn more about pricing and see their installation and setup guides on their website.

“Campaign Monitor for Salesforce is easy, fast and seamless to integrate. It has enabled us to really reach out and get to know our clients. The customer service is brilliant; it’s responsive, helpful and personal, by people who really know their product and care about their customers.” Paul Easto, CEO Wilderness Scotland and Wilderness Ireland


Why integrate?

The foundation of any successful email marketing program is accurate data and rich customer insights. By integrating Salesforce with Campaign Monitor, you can automatically sync data between the two apps, never missing a new contact or changes to an old one. With valuable customer insights from Salesforce now flowing seamlessly into Campaign Monitor, you can build modern and hyper personalized email campaigns without a line of code or ever leaving Salesforce.

More highlights of the Campaign Monitor For Salesforce integration:

  • Design and send campaigns directly in Salesforce using the Campaign Monitor drag-and-drop builder and email templates.
  • Use your Salesforce data to segment Campaign Monitor lists and trigger automated journeys.
  • Map data from any Salesforce object to Campaign Monitor custom fields.
  • Generate Salesforce reports and dashboard with your Campaign Monitor email results. View who is engaging with your emails and who is not, and track your subscriber lists.
  • Set up advanced automation using the Salesforce Process Builder.
  • Manage your email opt-in and opt-out settings directly from Salesforce.
  • Get industry-leading support directly from the Beaufort 12 team.

How to get started

  1. Download CM4SF from the Salesforce AppExchange.
  2. Follow the steps outlined by Beaufort 12 in their installation guide.
  3. Check out the Beaufort 12 getting started guide.

More resources: To find out how to get the most out of the integration, check out our latest webinar, Learn How To Use Campaign Monitor For Salesforce.

Chapter 2

Google Analytics

Category: Price: Key benefit:
Reporting and Analytics Free with a Campaign Monitor subscription Track conversions and monitor the success of your email campaigns.


campaign monitor google analytics integration dashboard


Analyzing basic email metrics like open rates and click-through-rates is useful when monitoring audience engagement. But to really understand the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy and measure ROI, you need to go beyond these results to understand whether your efforts are generating leads and converting those leads into customers.

Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you a deep understanding of your website visitors and customers. You can set up custom dashboards and reports that show you the number of visitors to your site, where they came from, how long they stayed, and how they interacted with each page. When combined with Campaign Monitor, you can use Google Analytics to compare the impact of different campaigns and assess the overall performance of your email marketing program compared with other digital marketing channels.

Once enabled, Campaign Monitor can automatically add Google Analytics tracking to your email campaigns so you don’t need to worry about manually editing URL links in every email you send.

Why integrate?

Connecting the results from your email campaigns to the data on your website gives you powerful insights into how your campaigns convert into web traffic, customer conversions, and sales.

More highlights of the Google Analytics integration:

  • See exactly how much revenue your campaign generated: As well as the total revenue generated, you can also see exactly how many transactions your campaign generated, the average value of each subscriber, and the percentage of subscribers that converted into a sale.
  • Track how many subscribers converted: By setting up conversion goals in Google Analytics, you can see how many subscribers completed a desired action, such as completing an enquiry form or adding a product to their shopping cart.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account and add analytics tracking to your website. You can find Google’s comprehensive guide to getting set up here. 
  2. Enable Google Analytics tracking in Campaign Monitor. To get started, check out our Google Analytics setup guides:

If you’re using the direct edition (single team) of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.

If you’re using the multi-client or agency edition of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.

More resources: Check out this guide to download our free Google Analytics dashboard that you can instantly install in your own account to get a more precise picture of how email is performing for you.

Chapter 3


Category: Price: Key benefit:
Mobile SMS Free with a Campaign Monitor and RunGopher subscription* Improve subscriber engagement by triggering automated SMS journeys from your email marketing campaigns.
*You can try RunGopher for free with a 30 day trial, after which you need to purchase a subscription starting at USD $30/month. Read more about RunGopher here.


rungopher and campaign monitor sms example



SMS is an effective marketing channel that allows businesses to send concise, timely messages to their customers. Combined with email, the two create a more targeted and scalable customer communication experience.

Using AI-powered automation, RunGopher is an SMS marketing platform that delivers personalized journeys that can drive growth outcomes such as customer engagement, lead nurture, ecommerce promotions, and NPS journeys.

When integrated with Campaign Monitor, RunGopher enables you to trigger automated, two-way SMS conversations when a subscriber reads, clicks on, or even ignores your email. The integration lets you send any Rungopher SMS conversation to your existing Campaign Monitor subscriber lists and automatically updates the list with any opt-out preferences.

Why integrate?

This is a particularly useful integration for marketers looking to execute a multi-channel communications strategy.

More highlights of the RunGopher integration:

  • Automatically trigger an SMS conversation to your existing Campaign Monitor subscriber lists, and automatically update the list with any opt-out preferences.
  • Follow up subscribers who haven’t opened your email with an SMS.
  • Automatically schedule sales calls for subscribers who click through.

And here are some examples of how you could effectively combine SMS and email:

  • You’ve just sent a promo email for a new product launch. RunGopher can then monitor subscribers who clicked targeted links, and after a time, will ask whether they’d be interested in receiving a call. If so, RunGopher can schedule a time according to the availability in your calendar and the prospect’s preferences.
  • You schedule an email for a 48-hour VIP sale. RunGopher can observe those who haven’t opened the email, and send an SMS reminder 24 hours later, linking to the appropriate landing page.

How to get started

Follow this installation guide to link your RunGopher and Campaign Monitor accounts. Once you’re connected:

  1. Craft an effective email campaign in Campaign Monitor.
  2. Using RunGopher, create an automated SMS journey linked to your email campaign.
  3. Use the fast-forward function to test your whole journey quickly and easily.
  4. Sit back and let RunGopher automate your customer experience.
Chapter 4


Category: Price: Key benefit:
CMS and Signup Forms Free with a Campaign Monitor account and WordPress site Grow your audience by adding signups from your WordPress site directly into your Campaign Monitor email list.


Campaign Monitor's WordPress integration


Campaign Monitor for WordPress lets you harness your WordPress site or blog to grow your audience, using flexible signup forms that feed right into your Campaign Monitor lists. You can choose from five different methods of capturing subscribers:

  • Slide out: Add a floating tab to the top, bottom, or either side of your site to slide out a signup form that’s always accessible.
  • Lightbox: Overlay a signup form and dim your site in the background, and customize how long the form stays in the foreground.
  • Bar: Add a signup form in a thin bar at the top or bottom of your site for a subtle, clean look.
  • Button: Add a button to your site that triggers a lightbox form to show, creating a more traditional signup experience.
  • Embedded: Add a form right onto your site that blends into the design of the page.

Why integrate?

  • Take the hassle out of signup form design. The forms are built to automatically pick up the theme and styling of your WordPress site so they align with your site design.
  • Measure and optimize list growth. Since the WordPress forms automatically feed into your Campaign Monitor lists, you can use our native reporting to see how different forms are performing on your WordPress site. You can also A/B test your forms to optimize and find out which layout is most effective for your audience.

How to get started

Installation and setup is simple and only takes a few clicks. You can find detailed instructions on how to get set up on our help site:

  • If you’re using the multi-client edition of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.
  • If you’re using the standard edition (no clients) of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.
Chapter 5


Category: Price: Key benefit:
Landing Pages Free with an Unbounce and Campaign Monitor subscription* Maximize subscriber growth by creating customizable landing pages and directing signups to your Campaign Monitor lists.
*Unbounce monthly subscriptions start from $80 USD / month. Read about Unbounce pricing here.


Campaign Monitor integrates with Unbounce


Unbounce lets you create and optimize custom landing pages without worrying about complex analytics or code. Featuring a fully-fledged visual editor, powerful A/B testing capabilities, and interactive reports, Unbounce has taken the legwork out of lead generation.

With a built-in integration to Campaign Monitor, you can now automatically push email signups from your Unbounce forms to an existing subscriber list in your Campaign Monitor account.

Why integrate?

By integrating Unbounce with Campaign Monitor, you can grow your email lists with a steady supply of qualified leads directly from your landing pages. You don’t have to manually export email addresses, then re-import them into Campaign Monitor—it’s all automatically done for you.

Unbounce is also a great tool to create bespoke landing pages for your email campaigns. Direct subscribers to an exclusive offer or invite them to sign up to your new product launch.

Using Unbounce and Campaign Monitor together you can also A/B test different landing pages and signup forms on your site to learn what drives subscriber growth.

How to get started

Check out this setup guide from Unbounce for step-by-step instructions on how to integrate your Unbounce account to Campaign Monitor.

Chapter 6

Raiser’s Edge NXT

Category: Price: Key benefit:
Nonprofit CRM, Fundraising, and Donor Management Starting from USD $99/month* Reach your fundraising goals with a seamless CRM and email marketing integration.
*This price is in addition to the subscription cost for Campaign Monitor and Raiser’s Edge. There is also a cost for implementation and installation. Read more from the developers here.


Raiser's Edge integrates with Campaign Monitor


Raiser’s Edge (RE) NXT is a comprehensive cloud-based fundraising and donor management software solution, built specifically for nonprofits. RE NXT provides tools to streamline various activities in a nonprofit organization and provides the infrastructure you need to grow your revenue. The built-in acquisition tools allow users to reach prospective donors and send them timely and relevant communications.

Developed by Red Arc, this integration connects RE NXT to Campaign Monitor. The result is fully automated data transfer between the two apps, sending campaign and subscriber data to RE NXT as well as automatically managing unsubscribes and communications preferences.

Why integrate?

  • Seamlessly connect subscriber data and custom fields from Campaign Monitor to the relevant donor record in Raiser’s Edge NXT.
  • Send campaigns and automated trigger journeys in Campaign Monitor using the donor records from Raiser’s Edge NXT.
  • Unsubscribes and bounces from a Campaign Monitor campaign will automatically update communication preferences for the donors in Raiser’s Edge NXT, so there’s no need to manually update supporter records.

How to get started

Simply download the app from the Blackbaud Marketplace. Read the installation guide here. 

Chapter 7

Wrap up

Taking your email marketing to the next level isn’t as hard as it may seem. With the right tools, you can power incredibly personal campaigns, which is proven to generate more revenue and higher ROI.

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