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13 Things Content Marketers Should Know About Email Marketing

Discover content marketers can use email for increasing content engagement.


How Effective Are Welcome Emails?

By providing company highlights and store information, welcome emails are a great way to personalize…


Simple A/B Tests Email Marketers Should Try ASAP

Everything you need to know to A/B test for your next email campaign with ease.


Email Marketing by the Numbers: A Smart Investment

This infographic provides all the most important email marketing numbers broken down by region.


The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Email Marketing Plan

Here are a few tips to get your next email campaign started.


Holiday Email Marketing by the Numbers

Campaign Monitor shares big numbers from last year’s holiday shopping season and how you can…


How to Avoid the Junk Folder

Campaign Monitor shares our top tips on how you can avoid having your emails marked…


13 Things Email Marketers Should Know About Spam

This infographic from Campaign Monitors reveals the most important facts about spam email marketers should…


5 Ways to Personalize Travel & Hospitality Campaigns

Travel & hospitality brands have the unique opportunity to deliver targeted, relevant email messages to subscribers based on what they would find most valuable when planning their next trip. In this infographic, we’ll discuss how easy it can be to increase engagement and conversions with personalized travel and hospitality email campaigns.


10 Metrics Every Email Marketer Needs to Track

We’ve gathered 10 metrics every email marketer needs to track.


How to Combine Email Marketing and Social Media

Ideas on how you can unite your social media and email strategies to create engaging…

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