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Contrary to popular belief, there’s more behind email marketing than just the email marketers. Email marketing a blanket term that encompasses a wide variety of individuals with specific responsibilities.

One such individual is the email marketing manager. She or he plays an indispensable part in the construction of the email campaign design.

If you want to understand the tasks of this role or are considering the position for yourself, read on to learn everything you need to know.

What is an email marketing manager?

Due to both being in a leadership role, email marketing managers might get confused with email marketing coordinators.

While coordinators are in an overseeing position, managers are on the front lines. They live up to their name by managing the mailing list, reading customer feedback, and helping to harmonize a brand’s overall marketing efforts.

They will also work with copywriters and web designers to provide direction.

In short, an email marketing manager does whatever is required of him or her to ensure the success of an email campaign and the brand at large. The exact responsibilities will depend on the manager’s specialties and the structure of the company.

How to measure the success of an email marketing manager

When you consider the wide range of duties required of email marketing managers, it’s difficult to measure their success with a single metric.

With that in mind, following are the metrics you should keep an eye on when gauging potential success in this position.


A conversion takes place when a consumer performs an action that’s valuable to your company, which means the marketing campaign did its job and reeled in a paying customer or a new subscriber.

Due to the marketing manager’s influence on the direction of an email campaign, a high conversion rate could speak well to their effectiveness. On the other hand, a low conversion rate could mean you would need to alter your approach.

Using dedicated landing pages can increase conversion rates by over 1180%.

Click-through rates

Email marketing managers are responsible for the content of the emails. It’s the quality of this content that will indicate whether a subscriber will delete the email or click on a link. If the subscriber does the latter, it’s calculated into the click-through rate.

A poor click-through rate will mean the email marketing manager needs to reassess the content of the email. While the subject line may be strong, resulting in a high open rate, there needs to be more effort given to email design and crafting a compelling CTA.

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Source: Really Good Emails

Does an email marketing manager really matter?

Not only does an email marketing manager matter, but it’s an absolutely necessary role in the email campaign process.

Since they’re responsible for mailing list curation, email marketing managers make sure that the emails are going to active accounts. Without them, the reach of an email campaign would be significantly limited.

That’s just one aspect of a manager’s multifaceted job, which goes on to include the supervision of customer feedback and the creation of surveys.

It would be extremely difficult to run an email marketing campaign without a manager, much less a lucrative one.

What now?

If you’re interested in becoming an email marketing manager, you may also be interested in the specifics of a manager’s routine.

To get the best idea of what to expect, consider learning about building an email list. Being able to build templates is another practical skill to have for an email marketing manager.

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