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Content Promotion

Content promotion is the process of distributing blog posts and other resources via both paid and organic channels, which may include pay-per-click advertising, influencer outreach, PR, social media, email marketing, and syndication. After you’ve created content, you want to get it in front of as many people as you possibly can for it to have an impact on your business, especially in our current content-heavy landscape.

In today’s marketing landscape, it is not enough to have quality content; it is also important to know how to promote that content through a variety of different channels in order to reach the largest interested audience—interested being the key word. Especially if your strategy focuses on paid approaches, you don’t want to pay to get in front of people who will never convert.

A strong content promotion strategy will include a multi-channel approach. Too often marketers think of digital marketing as an either-or choice. However, digital platforms work best when you use them in conjunction with one another.

For instance, social media and email should be used in tandem to build your audience. Promote your newsletter on your social media and encourage subscribers to follow along and engage with your brand on various social platforms. Having your followers share your emails and posts will help you get in front of your key demographic without spending your precious resources like money and time.

When you decide on a content promotion strategy, consider how many resources you’re willing to allocate and determine the goals you’d like to accomplish beforehand. While some avenues are better for discovery, others are better for conversions. To revisit the example of social media and email, social media is better for discovery. Your content is more likely to be discovered by users who may have never heard of your brand and your products. However, if your goal is conversions, your content promotion strategy should rely heavily on email. Your email subscribers are your most engaged followers and as such, they’re far more likely to convert.

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