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Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Your email marketing conversion rate is the percentage of subscribers who complete a goal action after reading your email. This is an important metric for most marketers, as it indicates how effective your email marketing is and determines your return on investment.

Every email you design should have a specific purpose you’d like to accomplish, whether that’s sell a product or inspire readers to visit your blog. You’ll want to make it as simple as possible for your audience to follow-through by including a compelling call to action (CTA) that will deliver readers to the right page on your website. In many instances, the conversion goal will be purchase-related, so it’s important to be able to directly correlate the success of email marketing efforts to a hard number (like the sales associated with the conversion rate.)

Even though every email won’t lead to sales, you’ll still have goals and conversions to measure. It’s important to remember that while you will have a goal for every email you send, every email should deliver direct value to your subscribers. In today’s consumer-driven marketplace, creating an email that is overtly sales-oriented most likely won’t result in the conversion rate you want. Instead, you should focus your campaign on the value this product delivers to your subscribers and compel them to buy that way. 

No one likes to feel like a company only cares about your money. Your marketing should be written and executed for what it is: a human being writing to other human beings. You’ll see much better results from your email campaigns when you keep your copy and design focused on communicating value to your subscribers.

There are plenty of ways to design an email that will improve your conversion rates. The first step—and perhaps the most important—is to make sure you have one clear goal in mind and to choose a format and design that will promote that goal. Even if you have secondary or possibly tertiary CTAs in an email, one should be the clear primary action you want subscribers to take since including too many options can be overwhelming, especially in an email promoting products. The caveat to this is when you want to drive people to your blog and you don’t have a preference for where they go, you will be more successful including those secondary and tertiary links.

There’s clearly no shortcut to improving your conversion rate. Instead, focus on delivering value to subscribers and putting their needs and desires first. You’ll see better results from an engaged audience every time.

Learn how to increase your email conversion rate with a few simple hacks: Conversion Rate Optimization. And see the top 3 reasons for low email marketing conversion rates.



Many marketing teams study email marketing conversion rate to calculate the direct ROI of their email marketing efforts. To calculate email conversion rate, divide the number of recipients who took the action you were looking for by the number of emails delivered to recipients. Multiply the result by 100 to express the outcome as a percentage.

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