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10 minute read time

Marketing Automation for B2C vs B2B: What’s the Difference?

See how B2C and B2B use marketing automation differently.

13 minute read time

Integrating Your Email with Other Apps

Integrate your email marketing, deliver more effective emails.

4 minute read time

The Best Use of Forms in Your Email Campaigns

Learn how to send surveys, feedback forms and more in your email campaigns.

19 minute read time

Better Marketing with Better Design

Learn the three principles of beautiful design in marketing.

14 minute read time

A/B Test Your Email Campaigns

Learn how to A/B test your email campaigns and get ideas for tests you can...

9 minute read time

How Marketing Automation Technology Stacks Up

Find out why mid-size businesses said they prefer marketing stacks of hand-picked technologies to all...

5 minute read time

How Image Blocking Works in Email

Learn why email clients block images and how to deal with it.

13 minute read time

Getting Started with Customer Journeys

Learn what marketing automation is and see the 5 automated emails you can start sending...

8 minute read time

Developer Guide: Code Blocks in Behavioral Journeys

Take personalization to the next level with behavioral data from your website or app.

8 minute read time

How to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Learn how to use video in your emails with just a few clicks.

11 minute read time

Email Marketing in the Mobile Era

Learn how to build professional emails that look great in today’s mobile era.

11 minute read time

Email Localization

Speak the same language as your subscribers by localizing your email content. Check out this...

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