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If you’re sending out an email newsletter—and 66% of marketers say that’s the primary purpose of their contact list—you know how hard it is to keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. But with 269 billion emails being sent everyday (a lot of which is spam), it is becoming increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and provide your audience with a unique experience that keeps them coming back for more.  So what steps can you take to make sure you’re giving your readers what they want?

Get best practices in email newsletter execution from Morning Brew, a daily newsletter with more than 150,000 subscribers, and Campaign Monitor. You’ll learn:

  • Deliverability tips to make sure your email hits the inbox
  • List management techniques to ensure you’re reaching readers who want to hear from you
  • Automation and personalization strategies to develop loyal readership
Duration: 54 min
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About the speakers

Anne-Marie Connolly Campaign Monitor As a Senior Account Executive, Anne-Marie is responsible for cultivating strong customer relationships with Campaign Monitor's global customer base. Her broad technical knowledge and understanding of the publishing landscape help her assist marketers in taking their email strategies to the next level.
Tyler Denk Morning Brew Since joining Morning Brew, Tyler has made best-in-class email strategies a focal point of the company's growth strategy. He has led the effort to optimize company's email strategy, increasing open rates by 100 percent to date and improve mailbox deliverability from 60 percent to 99 percent
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