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Each year, Campaign Monitor pulls data from billions of emails sent from Australia. We compile these findings into benchmark reports, showing you how Australia industries have performed over the year.

In this archive, we compile data from previous years, so you can track email changes around the world.

View the 2021 benchmarks report.

Looking for the latest data? Check out the 2021 Australia benchmarks report.


Highlights and Metrics

2020 Australia email marketing benchmarks by industry and day

Key takeaways

As we saw last year, marketers in Australia are well-aware of the positive impact email can have when used effectively. This year, email continues to be a marketing staple, driving conversions and increasing ROI.

Our benchmarks suggest that we’re not only seeing some changes occur in relation to individual industries, but we’re also seeing some variation in our Australian email benchmark averages.

01 | Australian open rates remain strong at 18.7%.

We’ve seen a small decrease in open rates when comparing last year’s data to this year’s, but in general, we see Australian open rates continue to remain strong. This means audiences in this region continue to gain valuable information through email.

According to our data, Australian industries should be aiming for an open rate of 18.7% and above this year.

02 | Click-through rates rise to an average of 2.8%.

We’ve seen a slight increase in click-through rates when comparing last year’s data to this year’s. While last year’s average was a click-through rate of 2.7%, this year’s average is at 2.8%. Clicks could be higher as a result of more personalized content or more invested subscribers.

03 | Click-to-open rates also rise, climbing to an average of 14.9%.

We’ve seen an increase in click-to-open rate (CTOR), the biggest increase in this year’s averages. This number suggests subscribers are more invested in the content they’re receiving. It’s possible businesses and organizations are paying closer attention to their data.

04 | Unsubscribe rates remain steady at an average of 0.2%.

We’ve seen a steady rate of 0.2% in Australia when it comes to unsubscribe rates. As with our other numbers, this rate suggests healthy email lists and an expected amount of churn. Organizations and businesses should keep an eye out for unsubscribe rates higher than this average.

05 | Australia leads open rates with an average of 18.7%; slightly higher than the global average of 17.8%, the UK at 17.5% and the US at 17%.

Australia is leading the way with open rates, which could be an indicator of an especially interested audience. Additionally, emails sent in this region may generally follow email subject line best practices, which encourage opens.

Australia email benchmarks by industry

Here are the average benchmarks for Australian senders:

  • Average open rate: 18.7%
  • Average click-through rate: 2.8%
  • Average click-to-open rate: 14.9%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.2%


average rates for open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate for all industries


2019 Australia email marketing benchmarks by industry and day

Here are Australia’s 2019 email benchmarks. These numbers are based non campaigns sent in 2018, using billions of emails sent by organisations in Australia.

Average email benchmarks for all industries in Australia

  • Average open rate: 19%
  • Average click-through rate: 2.7%
  • Average click-to-open rate: 14.1%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.2%
  • Average bounce rate: 0.9%

average rates for open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate for all industries

click-through rates for all industries broken down by day

click-to-open rates for all industries broken down by day

Unsubscribe rates for all industries broken down by day

Bounce rates for all industries broken down by day


Best days for email marketing

  • Best day for highest email open rates: Tuesday 19.7%
  • Best days for highest click-through rates: Sunday and Tuesday 2.8%
  • Best days for highest click-to-open rates: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 14.2%
  • Best day for lowest unsubscribe rates: all days were 0.2%
  • Best day for lowest bounce rates: Saturday 0.7%

Best days for opens are Tuesdays, best day for click-throughs are Tuesdays and Sundays, best day for click-to-open rate is Saturday, best day for bounces is saturday


Worst days for email marketing

  • Worst day for lowest email open rates: Saturday 17.9%
  • Worst day for lowest click-through rates: Saturday 2.5%
  • Worst day for lowest click-to-open rates: Saturday 13.8%
  • Worst day for highest bounce rates: Tuesday 1.0%
  • Worst day for highest unsubscribe rates: all days were 0.2%

Worst day for opens is Saturday, worst day for click-throughs and click-to-opens is Saturday, and worst day for bounces is Tuesday


Top industries by open rate

  1. Automotive and Aerospace (37.4%)
  2. Government (30.8%)
  3. Education (30.5%)
  4. Construction, Contracting, & Manufacturing (28.1%)

Chart showing Automative and Aerospace, Government, and Education having the top open rates


Top industries by click-to-open rate

  1. Media, Entertainment, and Publishing (20.3%)
  2. Real estate, Design, and Construction activities (17.3%)
  3. Education (16.0%)
  4. IT, Technology, and Software Services (15.3%)

Chart showing Media, Entertainment and Publishing, Real Estate, Design And Construction, and Education industries having the top click rates



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