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We analysed millions of email marketing campaigns sent in Australia. This is what we found.

Email marketing can be a major revenue-driving force for your business. But many email marketers don’t know how to determine if their strategy is performing at its best. So we analysed billions of emails sent by Australian organisations across millions of campaigns in order to find the industry benchmarks you need to know.

These industry benchmarks illustrate how well your numbers stack up against the average, showing you where you need improvement and where your campaigns excel. This means you can do more of what works, tweak what underperforms, and ultimately, find that email marketing sweet spot where you see the most engagement and conversions from your subscribers.


Email benchmarks by industry and day

For this guide, we analysed billions of emails sent by Australian organisations in 2018. These campaigns were sent to subscribers around the world from Australian businesses and nonprofits using Campaign Monitor.

We’ve compiled all that data into a single, comprehensive resource, so any Australian email marketer can study industry averages and measure how their email marketing strategy compares.

We’ve broken down these averages by industry as well as by day so you can get into the nitty-gritty of the metrics.

Check out the data below to discover how your key metrics perform relative to other Australian companies in your industry.

Average email benchmarks for all industries in Australia

  • Average open rate: 19%
  • Average click-through rate: 2.7%
  • Average click-to-open rate: 14.1%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.2%
  • Average bounce rate: 0.9%

average rates for open rate, click-through rate, click-to-open rate, unsubscribe rate, and bounce rate for all industries

click-through rates for all industries broken down by day

click-to-open rates for all industries broken down by day

Unsubscribe rates for all industries broken down by day

Bounce rates for all industries broken down by day


So, how does all that data break down? Here are the top takeaways for email marketers.


Best days for email marketing

  • Best day for highest email open rates: Tuesday 19.7%
  • Best days for highest click-through rates: Sunday and Tuesday 2.8%
  • Best days for highest click-to-open rates: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 14.2%
  • Best day for lowest unsubscribe rates: all days were 0.2%
  • Best day for lowest bounce rates: Saturday 0.7%

Best days for opens are Tuesdays, best day for click-throughs are Tuesdays and Sundays, best day for click-to-open rate is Saturday, best day for bounces is saturday


Worst days for email marketing

  • Worst day for lowest email open rates: Saturday 17.9%
  • Worst day for lowest click-through rates: Saturday 2.5%
  • Worst day for lowest click-to-open rates: Saturday 13.8%
  • Worst day for highest bounce rates: Tuesday 1.0%
  • Worst day for highest unsubscribe rates: all days were 0.2%

Worst day for opens is Saturday, worst day for click-throughs and click-to-opens is Saturday, and worst day for bounces is Tuesday



Top industries by open rate

  1. Automotive and Aerospace (37.4%)
  2. Government (30.8%)
  3. Education (30.5%)
  4. Construction, Contracting, & Manufacturing (28.1%)

Chart showing Automative and Aerospace, Government, and Education having the top open rates


Top industries by click-to-open rate

  1. Media, Entertainment, and Publishing (20.3%)
  2. Real estate, Design, and Construction activities (17.3%)
  3. Education (16.0%)
  4. IT, Technology, and Software Services (15.3%)

Chart showing Media, Entertainment and Publishing, Real Estate, Design And Construction, and Education industries having the top click rates


Understanding email marketing metrics

Email open rate

Email open rate is the percentage of opens out of the total emails that reached an inbox (i.e. excluding bounces).

Open rates can vary from campaign to campaign depending on the content you offer and the subject lines used. We found an average open rate of 19.0%.

How to improve your email open rate:

  • Test subject lines, offers, and content to discover what your audience prefers.
  • Write short but enticing subject lines.
  • Test ‘From’ name and avoid no-reply email addresses.
  • Test the day and time you send your email campaigns.
  • Optimise your preheader text for maximum efficiency.
  • Personalise and segment to send content to the most relevant subscribers.

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Email click-through rate

The email click-through rate is the number of subscribers who click on a link or image in your email out of the total emails that have been delivered.

Your click-through rate can show you what topics, images, copy, and CTAs lead to the greatest amount of site traffic and engagement, allowing you to deliver more content that resonates with your subscribers.

We found a click-through rate of 2.7%.

How to improve your email click-through rate:

  • Segment your list into groups with a specific set of interests or behaviour.
  • Maintain your brand voice across platforms and messages.
  • A/B test different CTAs and offers to see what provides the best results.
  • Improve your calls-to-action through clear copy and better design.
  • Ensure your subject line accurately reflects the content of your emails.

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Email click-to-open rate

Similar to the click-through rate, the email click-to-open rate is the percentage of people who click somewhere in your message out of the total number of opens. It will be a higher percentage than your click-through rate since it measures the people who click out of a smaller population of subscribers (i.e. only those that opened the email).

Your click-to-open rate can measure how immediately effective your email is since you’ll know how many people were inspired directly by that email’s content to visit your site. We found an average email click-to-open rate of 14.1%.

How to improve your email click-to-open rate:

  • Automate your emails to do more for your audience.
  • Collect the right data to segment your list and personalise your content.
  • Tweak your design and copy to boost conversions.
  • Optimise your emails for mobile viewing.
  • A/B test your offers, CTAs, and design individually.
  • Include one, easy-to-click CTA.

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Unsubscribe rate

An unsubscribe occurs when a subscriber opts out of receiving emails from you. While you want to aim for a small unsubscribe rate, getting your rate down to 0% isn’t realistic. Some list churn is normal and healthy.

Your unsubscribe rate can teach you if certain content, topics, or send cadences result in a spike of unsubscribes. That way you can measure how unhappy or disinterested your audience is.

We found an average unsubscribe rate of 0.2%.

How to improve your email unsubscribe rate:

  • Prioritise quality subscribers over quantity when growing your list.
  • Automate to increase long-term brand engagement by sending more of what works.
  • Segment your audience to send the most relevant emails and offers to the right people.
  • Send re-engagement campaigns to maintain list hygiene and reconnect with current customers.

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Email bounce rate

A bounced email is an email that couldn’t be delivered, either because of permanent or temporary issues. For instance, an email will bounce because of delivery failure due to server or spam issues, or possibly because the recipient’s inbox is too full.

The bounce rate is the percentage of subscribers who didn’t receive your message, regardless of whether or not you experienced a hard or soft bounce. We found an average bounce rate of 0.9%.

How to improve your email bounce rate:

  • Remove invalid email addresses.
  • Suppress previous bounces.
  • Use double opt-in.
  • Don’t send to stale lists and never use purchased lists.
  • Never use free webmail addresses.

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Email deliverability

Your email deliverability will impact everything from your open rate to clicks and conversions because it measures your ability to deliver emails to subscribers’ inboxes.

Poor engagement, being marked as spam, and bounces will negatively affect your deliverability, meaning you land in fewer inboxes and see a smaller return from your email marketing efforts.

How to improve your email deliverability:

  • Use an ESP with proven deliverability.
  • Send using custom authentication.
  • Don’t send one big image or too many smaller ones.
  • Always use double opt-in.
  • Use an email cadence that your audience appreciates.
  • Make your unsubscribe process simple and easy.

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Wrap up

Next steps to improve

While these benchmarks can show you where and how your email marketing can be improved, you can also learn a lot by comparing your email marketing metrics over time.

Are your open rates staying consistent and even improving while you grow your list? Or is an old and stagnant list resulting in low open rates? It’s also important to keep your eye on open rates, spam rates, and your deliverability to ensure you grow your list wisely, rather than just quickly.

These benchmarks can show you the overall health of your email marketing strategy by letting you compare your metrics to your competitors. But you also need to compare your metrics today to your metrics over time to see the overall trends in your program.

Only you know your audience. If you compare your results to these benchmarks, remember that your industry and specific niche means you have a unique audience. Testing your content, offers, and strategy will refine your emails so that every send gets you one step closer to your best results possible.

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