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Deliverability and Approvals


There may come a time when your account is subject to Campaign Monitor’s approvals process. Learn about why this might happen and what you can do to navigate it efficiently.

As a Campaign Monitor customer, there may come a time when you experience the Approvals process.

The Approvals process exists to promote awesome deliverability for customers like yourself. It’s important to keep the Campaign Monitor community full of top-notch email senders, so Approvals is designed to make sure everyone is following best practices and sending emails that support deliverability for the entire Campaign Monitor community.

If it comes time that you’re selected to go through Approvals, first, we hope you know there’s nothing to worry about. Remember, this process is to make sure everyone’s deliverability is at its best, which helps you send better emails in the long run.

The key to a smooth approvals process is being prepared.

Make sure you follow the steps from the Deliverability Best Practices video, like including an unsubscribe link, sender name, and address in every campaign.

This process will also aim to verify that you have a great subscriber list. Make sure you know how your subscribers signed up for your list, and keep access to things like:

  • All the different ways you’ve collected email addresses.
    Like website sign-up forms, or at an event.
  • Written or digital proof of permission to send emails to your subscribers.
    Like URLs for online subscribe forms.
  • The actions subscribers took to opt in.
    Such as ticking a checkbox on a form.
  • Maintain access to records of how often you’ve sent emails to your subscribers.
    Your list shouldn’t be outdated, and you should show activity from your subscribers within the last year, like new signups, purchases, or email engagement.

The Approvals process will be quick and easy if you’re running your account with these guidelines in mind.

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