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Transactional Emails


You can trigger automated emails to send based on actions taken on your website or app. We’ll go over transactional email basics, a handful of examples, and how to make sure you’re set up correctly.

You can automatically trigger emails to be sent based on transactional activities. Transactional emails usually send immediately after events or activities occur on a website or app.

Examples of transactional emails are:

  • registration emails, sent to confirm a registration
  • notification emails, sent to notify the customer of an action they can take
  • confirmation emails, sent to verify that a sign up or action has been taken, and
  • shopping cart abandonment emails, sent to remind a potential customer that they can complete their purchase

With Campaign Monitor’s transactional features, marketers can now take control of these system-generated emails. Once you have triggers set up, you can create Smart Transactional Emails in the Transactional section of Campaign Monitor.

You can see how these transactional emails perform over time with detailed, interactive reports.

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