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Personalization & Dynamic Content


Personalizing your emails is the key to higher engagement. Subscribers want to see messages that are relevant to them and crafted for them. Personalization allows you to do this.

We’ll explore some personalization best practices before showing you how to create emails with content that changes based on the recipient.

You can personalize your emails by sending content that’s specific to different types of subscribers. This creates really engaging emails because the content is so relevant to the reader.

Any custom fields can be used to personalize your email. Some common examples include your subscriber’s name, location, the number of purchases they’ve made, and their click-through history.

The Email Builder in Campaign Monitor makes it easy to personalize your emails. When hovering over any layout, click the Insert menu to see the template tags available to you. Keep in mind that you need to have at least one list of email recipients added to your campaign to use this feature.

You can also show personalized content and layouts to specific segments within your list using Dynamic Content.

For example, let’s build a section of content that’s only visible to people that live in San Francisco.

First, add a message and a clear CTA. To make this content visible to just the segment of subscribers in San Francisco, select Who should see this? and select the San Francisco segment. Then, when we preview the email, we can toggle the San Francisco option, demonstrating how this content will dynamically appear.

To learn more about advanced personalization and dynamic content options, as well as our template tag language, visit //

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