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Campaign Monitor 101

Growing Your List with Integrations, Signup Forms, or API


List growth is—or should be—a huge priority for marketers. To make it easy for you, we’ll show you three simple ways to automatically add new subscribers to your list.

Check out how to connect your list to your favorite app or tool through an integration in Chapter 1. Then we’ll show you have to create a simple signup form in Chapter 2, and give you some resources for adding subscribers through your own site or app using Campaign Monitor’s API in Chapter 3.

Apart from importing your list from a spreadsheet, you can streamline the process of adding new subscribers by

  • connecting the other apps you use to Campaign Monitor with an integration
  • creating signup forms
  • pushing subscriber data from your website or application, using Campaign Monitor’s API

Campaign Monitor integrates with over 250 apps and services. Whether you’ve built your site on WordPress, or sell your products online using Shopify, you’ll find integrations to the best apps to fuel your list-building strategy.

Adding signup forms to your website is a great way to build your lists. Campaign Monitor provides a variety of different signup forms that you can use to collect new subscribers from your website, social media platforms, and more.

You can create the following types of signup forms:

  • A subscribe button that links to a pop-up form
  • A sign up page, hosted by Campaign Monitor
  • A sign up form with code that you can copy and paste onto your site
  • The Enlist app for iPad
  • A subscribe form tab for your Facebook page
  • A form for WordPress websites

To create a signup form, go to Lists & subscribers. Select the list that you want new subscribers to sign up for, then click Sign Up Forms.

Now you’ll select the signup form option you want to use.

If you’re looking for an embeddable form, you can choose A subscribe button, Copy/paste a form to your site, or Forms for your WordPress site. Once you select the form you want, you can customize the look and style and adjust which fields you want displayed. After you’re finished, any code provided is ready to copy and paste into your website.

You can also choose to Link to a subscribe page. A subscribe page is a customizable signup form that you can link to from anywhere—your website, blog, or even social media posts.

When you select Link to a subscribe page, you’ll see a basic form. You can now customize it, by adding your own logo, messaging, branding. and the fields you want filled out. Save your customized form, copy the link. Your subscribe page is now live and ready to collect new signups.

Finally, you can add new subscribers and update existing subscribers using Campaign Monitor’s API.

If you’re a developer, or have one on your team, visit to see how you can grow your subscriber list using API.

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