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Deliverability Overview and Best Practices


There are several factors that influence the deliverability of your emails.

In this video, we’ll explain what deliverability is and what you can do to help your emails reach the inbox.

Email deliverability is a measure of how many emails are successfully placed in the subscriber’s inbox. Great deliverability, sometimes called ‘Inbox placement’ requires a certain degree of responsibility.

As your email service provider, Campaign Monitor takes care of our sending platform, reputation, and management, and you as the sender need to look after your permission, reputation, and sending patterns.

If you have issues with high bounce rates, low open rates, junk folder placement, or high complaint rates from your subscribers, you may need to work on your email deliverability—which is what this video is here to help with.

To improve the chances of your email being successfully delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes, you should follow these guidelines:

  • Every campaign should have a single-click unsubscribe link, as well as the name and physical address of the sender.
    This will help you stay in line with global email laws and procedures.
  • Get explicit permission from every recipient in your list.
    Making sure your subscribers know they have the option to receive emails from you is really important. Getting their consent to receive your emails is key to better engagement, fewer bounces and complaints, and successful inbox placement.
  • Set up domain authentication for your sending domain.
    When you send emails out of Campaign Monitor, they should come from a domain that you own. More on authentication in the next video.

Many emailers also don’t realize that deliverability also depends on the authority of the email service provider they’re using. As a Campaign Monitor customer, you’re in great hands, since our deliverability is one of the greatest in email marketing. By using Campaign Monitor and following these deliverability guidelines, your emails have the best chance at reaching their destinations.

Check out the next video, where we’ll go over how to improve your deliverability by authenticating your domain, which helps to verify the legitimacy of your emails.

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