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Testing and Sending an Email Campaign


Since there are a variety of elements to check before sending an email, we’ll go through some of the ways you can review, send, and check your campaign. You’ll also see what options you have once you’re ready to send.

Testing your campaign before you send is a great way to make sure everything looks the way you want. You have two options for testing.

First, you can send an email preview to five email addresses, so others on your team can take a look.

Second, you can run a Design & Spam test, which allows you to see how your email displays in over 20 email clients, including mobile devices. This will ensure that your email is easy to read on mobile devices, as well as Gmail, Apple Mail, and other popular inboxes.

Once you’re satisfied with how your email looks, you’ve proofread your copy, and tested every link, it’s now time to send your campaign.

You can either send immediately, or schedule it for a future time and date.

Once you’ve sent one or more campaigns to a list, you’ll also have the option to optimize your send time based on subscribers’ previous engagement or time zone.

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