The top 100 email
marketing campaigns of 2013

Looking for fresh ideas on how to improve the design and performance of your emails?
Get inspired with this collection of 2013’s best email marketing campaigns!

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Featured companies include

Learn from email marketing leaders

Our email marketing all-stars have consistently driven strong results with beautifully designed, expertly coded, and highly optimized campaigns. Get inspiration from best-in-class direct marketing; compelling mobile-optimized newsletters; captivating promotional emails and more.

Ever wonder what might happen if you changed your sender name… tweaked subject line copy… or experimented with completely different campaign themes? The agencies and marketers featured in this section tested tactics like these and increased their performance by more than 20%.

Best practices are great guidelines, but sometimes it pays to break the rules. Get examples of email marketing campaigns that drive strong response even though they don’t include calls to action; employ unusual subject lines; use only text; feature nothing but a headline; and more.

Breaking through the cluttered inbox and generating response from your subscribers is only getting more difficult - but these email marketing gurus show us how it's done. See campaigns with average list sizes of 100,000 that had 50% of recipients opening and/or at least 5% clicking through.

Our email design leaders push the boundaries of what’s possible to deliver delightful newsletters to their subscribers. Stuck on ideas for your campaign? The beautiful layouts, stunning visuals and creative coding techniques in this compilation are sure to inspire.

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